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The New Tessa Extra-Sensory Agent Series

When Tessa's visions begin to haunt her, nobody believes her. After all, she's a young girl, and, clearly, her imagination is running wild. So why is the government so keen on taking her away from her family and paying for her education?

Tessa's remote viewing gift is an asset for the government, but her daily work is tedious. When she is asked to participate in what looks like an exciting mission, Tessa doesn't hesitate. But if she's such a critical asset to the service, why is her life in danger? And who can she trust when things get out of control? Tessa soon learns that she's both a pawn and a player in a cat-and-mouse game that will change her life forever.

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Tessa's innate ability has developed beyond expectation, and her telepathic skills make her an asset for the Extra-Sensory Agents Unit. Fresh from an adventure that sharpened up her power, she embarks on a delicate operation to find a teenager telepath, who may be stealing top-secret information.

Tessa believes that her task only involves attending high school for a while and investigating an information leak there, but in reality, her mission is not what she thinks. Moreover, the government has different plans for her.

After she finds other telepaths among her schoolmates, Tessa discovers that the government's endgame may mean death for her and others. Together they engage in a cat-and-mouse game that has survival as its prize..

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Tessa and her kind are sick and tired of being the victims. Now is payback time!

"Shooting pool all by yourself can be fun for a little while, but it gets boring in the end, and I had been doing it for two days in a row now. All I knew was that this was where the recruiter was likely to show up. I hoped that my platinum blond hair and my innocent blue eyes would be enticing enough for him to hit on me; otherwise, I would have to find another way.

But wait a minute--you have no idea what this is all about, right? And you may be wondering what blond hair and blue eyes I'm blabbering about when you know very well that my hair is light brown and I have (beautiful, if you ask me) green eyes. I guess I'll better start from the beginning."

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Tessa never trained as a ghostbuster, but that doesn’t stop her from taking a mission involving one.
Tessa’s well-deserved vacation on the island after her last adventure doesn’t last. Being the top agent in her organization comes with a price, and her services are soon needed to help an important supporter of the telepaths’ cause with a peculiar problem: a death threat that may or may not have something to do with the house ghost.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” I said. I didn’t, but the idea still gave me a shiver along the spine, so I had to say that out loud.

After receiving praise and honor for her last successful mission, Tessa has finally adjusted to her new life and made some good friends. However, Fate has different plans for her.

Tessa finds herself on the run again and must rely on all her skills to stay alive. With the help of an ally, she finds a new place to call home but soon realizes that not everything there is as it seems. In the wake of a new adventure, Tessa is again faced with tough decisions.

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