Published February 2016 by PINE TEN, LLC

Available formats: Paperback, eBook
Patents don’t have to be a dry and boring subject and inventors, investors and business people may (and should) enjoy using them to their advantage. However, to empower the general public to use the patent system to its fullest extent, the need remains for a book that introduces important patent concepts in a humanly understandable fashion, with down-to-earth, practical advice and, more importantly, which is not boring, as many patent books unavoidably are to readers who are not patent practitioners.

Kfir Luzzatto, a seasoned patent attorney as well as a fiction writer, has dealt with inventors and entrepreneurs for longer than he cares to admit and has assisted both start-ups and multinational companies with their patent needs, literally all over the world. He now exploits the vast experience that he has acquired working in the Start-Up Nation (Israel), to introduce the reader to important patent concepts, in a fresh and easily understandable manner, with down-to-earth practical advice that is invaluable for investors, entrepreneurs and inventors alike.

What The Experts Say

“I’ve worked with Kfir for many years and I’m always impressed by his insights. I’m excited he has turned his years of experience and gift for clear straight-forward prose (and a touch of irreverence) into this guide, so that the important world of patents can be better understood by inventors, investors and business people across the globe.”

Larry Granatelli, Chair of the Intellectual Property Practice Group Fenwick & West LLP, Mountain View, CA, USA

“In ‘Fun with Patents’, Israeli Patent Attorney Kfir Luzzatto shares many reflections from his career. As its introduction says, this book will not teach you everything about patent law or how to be a patent practitioner but, ranging from the critical difference between a patent and a patent application to the reasons not to rush to plough one’s life savings into an invention, it offers much practical guidance on working with inventions. I hope you enjoy as much as I did this light-hearted treatment of some serious subject matter.”

Andrew Bentham, European and UK Patent Attorney, JA Kemp, London, UK

“Abraham Lincoln once said: ‘The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius.’

From now on, no inventor, entrepreneur or investor shall be able to claim that protecting an invention is a far too complex maze, to justify that he did not bother patenting his creation and then cry over his wasted R&D. This long-waited guide on patents eventually sheds light on the most passionating and entertaining area of law, which purpose is precisely to enable those imaginative risk-takers to be rewarded for their work, time and investments.”

William LOBELSON, Partner, GERMAIN MAUREAU, Lyon, France

“I spent a whole day to read this book from beginning to end and it was well worth it! I will also recommend it to the students of the course where I teach: I am sure it will unburden my task.”

Giorgio Long, Partner - European Patent Attorney, Jacobacci & Partners Spa, Milano, Italy

“In the bible it is stated, ‘Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first’, but in patent, Who files first is who will be served.

Kfir Luzzatto is among the first to use ‘fun’ in patent related books. You can read this book (Fun with Patents) with much pleasure. This book is easy to understand and consists of A to Z about patents. It is second to none I have seen to know and learn about patents during my thirty-plus years in the field.”

Bong Sig SONG, Managing Patent Attorney, Y.S. CHANG & ASSOCIATES, Seoul, Korea

“A very well written, thorough and essential guide for inventors, entrepreneurs and for readers who are not patent practitioners. Easy to read and understand, the book summarizes the important concepts in the patenting process in a very appealing manner which keeps the reader bound to the book. And as the name suggests—a lot of fun for the readers involved.”

Chetan Chadha, Head: International Department, CHADHA & CHADHA, New Delhi, India