Published by PINE TEN, LLC

Voted "Best Horror Novel" in the 2003 P&E Reader's Poll

A strange nightmare, a young woman in a foggy city and a body buried underneath a bathtub, all converge to force an ordinary man to investigate a dark, long forgotten past. A little girl who can see her dead cat, an old blind woman and a beautiful girl who died too young, unknowingly play a role in a game in which humanity must survive the death of the flesh. They don't know what awaits them beyond that meadow, but they are determined to find out…

CROSSING THE MEADOW guides you into the twilight zone where dead people brush silently past the living ones and, often without noticing, affect their fate.

Warning: Your perception of the space around you will never again be the same!

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"One of the pleasures of being a ghost is having the ability to spy on people in their homes without fear of discovery. Reading Crossing the Meadow is a little like doing just that...

This is a short, intimate book with believable characters and an original take on the supernatural that will interest anyone who has ever enjoyed a spot of surreptitious people-watching." - Rosalind Jackson - Warpcore SF
"This book is entertaining and worthy of every second of your time. Kfir Luzzatto has written a winner..." - Tyrone Banks - Betsie's Literary Page
" examination, remarkably tender and often ironic, of the nature of humanity once the tedious business of living is removed." - Marc Vun Kannon, Author of UNBINDING THE STONE