Published by PINE TEN, LLC

Originally published 2006 by Echelon Press

Finalist in the Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards

Available formats: Paperback, eBook
You have just discovered that you are immune to a contagious disease that once threatened to decimate Earth’s population. Now you must face Society and the grudge it nurtures against your kind. What if they took away a few of your civil rights…just enough to make you a second-rate citizen…

Discrimination is frightening enough to watch, but the effects can be terrifying when you take a stand and refuse to be blamed for your genetic make-up.

A routine test irrevocably alters a man's life when his family and those he loves most turn on him without warning. Every person he thought he could trust has become a potential enemy who will stop at nothing to betray him and others like him.

Experience this personal journey as one romantic youth travels to mature disillusion while treachery and political treason wreak havoc on his life. Pay careful attention as Fate manipulates the destiny of innocent bystanders. Heed the warning… you could be next.

Read how Fisher's song "Too Late - Odyssey" was created and download a free mp3 of the song.


"Here is an intelligent, thrilling and thought-provoking science fiction novel... Read as an allegory, THE ODYSSEY GENE resonates with America's present and just might be a prescient look into our planet's unfortunate future. Read for pure pleasure, this novel is a robust and involving scifi thriller with a razor-sharp edge." - J. L. Comeau,
"...Although the book is fiction, it is a bit prophetic in its content..." - Jeff Brucculeri, Tuned-In To Success (am1300 KAKC Radio)
"...I'm sure it's going to shake a lot of people... The Odyssey Gene is more than a novel..." - Rob McConnell, X Zone Radio.