The Harrow

I was very lucky to get to know Dru Pagliassotti, when submitting a short story to The Harrow (in its previous form as an eZine), because that acquaintance eventually evolved into an exciting and satisfying collaboration. Putting together anthologies for The Harrow Press was hard work indeed, but the satisfaction that we derived from it was well worth the toil.

Dru and I (and occasionally others) created four anthologies for The Harrow Press:

Fear of The Unknown

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Midnight Lullabies

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Day Terrors

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Mortis Operandi

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Working on these anthologies was fun, but a time came when Dru and I realized that our respective workloads were too much for us to continue pursuing this line of work. The Harrow Press ceased its activities on December 31, 2014, but details are still available on Dru's web site.

Good things can't last forever, so it had to end at some point in time, and I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Dru and with many talented authors, who participated in creating these wonderful books.